Trip To Museum Goes Terribly Wrong When A Kid Punches A Hole Through $1.5 Million Painting

Not really an art lover, eh?

For many kids, going to a museum and having to stare at a bunch of centuries-old doodles is pretty close to torture. And we get that.

When you're a kid, you're all about commotion! Run there, touch that, jump this high, scream this loud. Everything's an exploration. So why would going to a stale room where you're not really supposed to do anything except breathe and not get into trouble be exciting?

But this 12-year-old might have taken things a bit too far.

This weekend, a Taiwanese boy lived out a not-so-glorious slapstick moment at "The Face of Leonardo, Images of a Genius" exhibition in Taipei. 


The little fella was just wandering about the museum with a drink in his hand, when suddenly life happened and he tripped.

But he didn't just trip. He actually punched a fist-sized hole in one of the paintings.

A painting that's 350 years old and is valued at $1.5 million!...

The footage released by the organizers of the exhibition shows a boy in a blue Puma T-shirt slowly walking past an oil painting and stumbling over its protective barrier. To save himself from falling, he leaned on the centuries-old canvas which, obviously, left a gash in it.

The ruined work of art was reported to be a 17th century painting by Paolo Porpora.

Here's a closer look at the results of the unfortunate event.

However, Focus Taiwan News reported that the organizers will not ask the boy's family to pay for restoration costs. The painting is a part of a private collection, thus the expenses will be covered by insurance.

Close one, right?

Check out the full video below.


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