4-Year-Old's Loud, Contagious Laugh Forces TV Presenters To Cut An Interview Short


Harry, a 4-year-old wildly energetic kid, appeared on live television to discuss organ donations with his mother, Clare. 

But as soon as the interview began, Harry couldn't stop laughing loudly and proudly, without any regard for the happenings in the studio.

Clare and the interviewers, BBC's Bill Turnbull and Louise Minchin, try to speak through the laughter, but it appears difficult to complete a single sentence amongst all of the silliness. 

According to Newsbeat's Facebook post, Harry once had a liver transplant just before his first birthday. Unfortunately, he needs another one today.

Even so, Harry wouldn't let this otherwise serious interview go without a few laughs.


Later, Clare sends Harry offstage, but he immediately returns and starts sprinting around set.

Turnbull and Minchin can't proceed with the interview so they cut it short, but something that Clare says earlier in the clip stays with us:

 "If he hadn't received his liver transplant he probably wouldn't be here laughing away."

Moving forward, that's all anyone can hope for.

Be sure to watch the hilarious clip below:

(H/T: Mashable)


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