At First This Kid Seems Totally Fine With Flushing His Friend Down The Toilet. But Then He Loses It.

So, so sad.

When a little boy lost his goldfish, his mother captured the sweet farewell, which quickly escalated from smiles and kisses to full on tears.  

And while it's hard to watch a little boy get upset, there's something so relatable about the moment. Perhaps because most of us have had the childhood pleasure of owning a goldfish, and the displeasure of seeing it die approximately one day later. For many, this is a first experience of loss. 

The expressions on this little boy's face capture those innocent phases of grief perfectly. 

The progression looked a little something like this: 


First, everything seemed pretty much under control.

He even gave his friend a little kiss goodbye.

Not much sadness during the grand flush to the great beyond.

But then he slowly realized just what's going on.

And understandably lost it.

We feel your pain, little guy.

Watch the full moment unfold here:

(H/T Pulptastic

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