Little Boy Experiences 58 Things For The First Time — Watch All Of His Reactions Here

"This is my epic day of firsts."

"I'm Dash. This is my epic day of firsts," a 5-year-old boy says as he closes the clapper board on camera. 

In this particular video from Glamour magazine, Dash tries out 58 activities for the first time, and we get to watch each and every one of his adorable reactions. 

The activities include wearing 3-D glasses for the first time, meditating, playing the kazoo, giving a toast, wearing a top hat, and trying dragon fruit — by the latter of which, he is not amused.

And though the video is quite simple, it's a refreshing reminder that childhood imagination, curiosity, and discovery is often something we forget to practice ourselves as adults. 


To watch all of Dash's firsts, be sure to check out the full video below:


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