Boy Discovers Pay Phone. And It's Like He's Uncovering A Relic From The Distant Past.

Are we in "Back to the Future," or what?

For those born before the year 2000, a pay phone doesn't seem like a relic from the distant past. In fact, some of us even remember pulling over to use that clunky phone because, well, cell phones weren't a thing. 

But it's easy to forget that people who entered the world in more recent years might not be so familiar with them.

This video of a young boy discovering a pay phone for the very first time perfectly encapsulates this generation gap.



The kid doesn't quite know what to do with the newfound object and asks, "Is this an old-fashioned phone?" with a look of sheer confusion. 

While the video is pretty adorable, it's also a sign of our times and a testament to how fast technology is changing our world, for better or worse. Who knows, perhaps it won't be too long before iPhones become nostalgia items? 

And it's only a matter of time before we are here:

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