8-Year-Old Finds True Love In His Final Days — And It's All Anyone Can Ask For

"But we saw it and it's real."

David Spisak Jr., 8, first told 7-year-old Ayla that he loved her in art class.

David, now battling his fourth round of cancer, has chosen to stop treatments to enjoy his final days without isolation and restriction. 

Because he "has found more in his past few months on Earth than many do in a lifetime: the love of his life," ABC News reports.


Recognizing that David deserved a childhood, his family accepted his decision to end treatments, explaining that he could now enjoy the outdoors, travel, spend time with other kids, and get the most out of life.

And later, they helped facilitate a bowling date with Ayla. 

"Once we realized that this wasn't the typical elementary school crush, once we saw this heartfelt connection that they have, we were so happy that she came into his life and that he came to her life for some reason," David's mother, Amber Spisak, told ABC.

"We never thought he was going to ever experience this because his time is so limited, but we saw it and it's real,” she added.

In the video interview with David and Ayla, the two are all hugs, laughter, and love. They even finish each other's sentences.

It's clear their love has the power to make David forget, if even just for a moment, about his cancer. And that's all anyone can ask for.

Be sure to watch the full report below:


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