Boys Cant Stop Crying After Finding Their Missing Cat

Tears of joy for brothers reunited with pet cat

Whoever said "Boys don't cry" never found a missing pet.

The two brothers in the video above grew up with Madison, their pet cat. But one day, the 13-year-old, one-eyed feline ran off, leaving the brothers despondent. 

Over two months later, their mother found the cat at a nearby gas station and brought the cat home to an emotional reunion. 

Despite their best efforts, the brothers, ages 11 and 9, can't hold back the flood of tears.

"What do you think?" the mother asks the older brother.

"I'm so happy!" he blubbers through a face-full of tears.

But then, curiosity kicks in. After recovering his composure, the older brother asks, "What was she doing when you found her? Sleeping?"

"She was following two little girls," says the mother.

Well, that throws the older brother for a loop. "Do we look like girls to you?" he asks his little bro, who readily assure him that they do not.

That settled, the teary-eyed boys return to happily petting their long-lost cat.

(H/T: AOL)


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