The Crazy Trick You Have Probably Never Tried With An Unboiled Egg


Chemistry is definitely not an easy thing to master. But thanks to the Internet, we have a bunch of alternative ways to educate ourselves on complicated subjects without actually wanting to bang our heads against the wall.

The Royal Institution, an independent British charity organization focused on scientific education and research, made an eggcelent eggsperiment (oh, yeah!) in order to teach kids about the different effects of various liquids and it involves bouncing eggs.

Scroll down to learn about this awesome trick and be sure to try it at home afterwards.


All you need is five unboiled eggs, some jars, and five different liquids: water, oil, milk, vinegar and orange juice.

The experiment couldn't be more simple. All you need to do is place the eggs one by one into the jars filled with different liquids and... wait.

The next morning, take the eggs out of respective jars. You'll be really impressed by what happened to them overnight.

Watch the entire experiment carried out by Olympia Brown, the science learning manager at RI, and her adorable daughters, Viola and Elodie.

This video proves there's are plenty of fun and engaging ways to teach your kids about the crazy world around us. This particular experiment demonstrates how different the liquids around the house actually are and introduces us to their diverse chemical properties.

Even if you weren't a big fan of chemistry class in high school, this is something we should all try. To see more easy hands-on experiments from The Royal Institution, please visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

(H/T: The Kid Should See This)

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