50-Year-Old Badass Fronts Beauty Campaign, Shows 'The Impact Women Can Make When They Feel At Their Best'


Beauty campaigns often have a reputation for featuring the same sort of models, locations, and settings. However, the latest Boots No7 Age-Defying Serum ad completely turns the traditional campaign on its head by casting 50-year-old stuntwoman Amanda Foster as its front woman. 


Thirty seconds of Foster showing off her stunt moves is all we need to realize just how badass she really is.

In the video, we see her running down a corridor, jumping out a window, and diving through the air, eventually landing on a safety crash pad.

Foster says in the video, "I've never been the right age to jump out of a building." However, as the campaign's tagline states, she's "ready as ever."

Given that Foster has been a stunt double for over two decades and boasts 250 film credits this message couldn't be truer. Foster has worked with the likes of Beyoncé, and has credits in everything from Stars Wars to Harry Potter.

The message of powerful females is further emphasized as the campaign is directed by Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe-winner Susanne Bier. 

Furthermore, Boots has earned praise for its other campaigns in the Ready series. A previous campaign featured author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

CNBC reports that Kristof Neirynck, Walgreens Boots Alliance vice president, skincare, global brands, said in an emailed statement, "At No7, we believe that beauty isn't about showing off, it's about showing up ... Amanda is the perfect choice for this advert. She's a woman doing something extraordinary, whilst defying the conventions of age and showing the impact women can make when they feel at their best."

Meanwhile Foster tweeted that she is proud to be working on the campaign:


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