Hey Bibliophiles, This Brand New Hostel Was Built With You In Mind

Kind of claustrophobic, but totally cool.

Out-of-the-ordinary hotel rooms make a vacation stay extra special when just going back to the room feels like an adventure. And that's definitely the experience people will have when they stay at the Book and Bed hostel — especially those patrons with a passion for books. 

The bookstore-themed hostel in Tokyo's Ikebukuro neighborhood will be opening its doors for the first time this month. For around $30 a night, you can sleep in a bunk bed built into a huge bookshelf lined with 1,700 books in English and Japanese. 

Like other capsule style hostels, guests at Book and Bed don't have much privacy. The bathroom is shared with other patrons and bunks are right next to other guests. If you want a little more of your own space, being farther away from the common area and bookshelves may be your best bet. Those bunks are slightly cheaper, too. 

Guests also have the option to just chill for the day. For $12, you can use the hostel (and its free Wi-Fi) from 1 to 7 p.m. Sounds like the perfect way to escape the city and curl up with a good book for the evening. 


Check out what the hostel looks like below:

(H/T: BoredPanda

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