Serving Up Trouble: Food Editor Thinks He's Located The Best Pizza In America

We're on our way.

It's a debate that never ends. Which city serves up the best pizza in America? 

New York? Philadelphia? Chicago?

While the answer isn't set in stone, "Bon Appétit" editor Andrew Knowlton claims he's found it —


in Philadelphia.

That's right. In an article for "Bon Appétit," Knowlton says his beautiful experience at Pizzeria Beddia in Philadelphia is one that haunts him to this day.

"It was just me and that pizza in a forgettable space," he adds, describing his first visit. "But it changed everything."

In a video interview for the publication, Pizzeria Beddia's owner Joe Beddia says that the quality of his ingredients is what makes his pizza stand out amongst all others.

"Nobody ever really taught me how to do it, I just sorta do it," Beddia says. 

Pizzeria Beddia is simple. With only two employees, there's no place to sit and there's no phone number to call. They make enough dough for just 40 coveted pizzas a day.

"It was just me and that pizza in a forgettable space. But it changed everything."

And Beddia doesn't think he's doing anything outwardly special. He's just doing it right.

Yet for Knowlton:

"It’s what I always imagined New York pizza should taste like. At the same time, it makes me nostalgic for the pies I devoured after winning a T-ball game as a kid, combined with the traditional ingredients and flavors of the pizza I fell in love with on a trip to Naples years ago... Every time I get to eat it, I consider myself the luckiest person on the planet."

Watch the mouth-watering video below:

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