When Their Son Said He Was Bringing Someone Home, They Didn't Expect This

So many kudos.

In April, the United Nations human rights office in Mumbai, India  released a Bollywood-inspired video, and the story it tells is beyond heartwarming.


The video starts. It's the day of the family party, and everyone's busy getting ready.

Grandma's keeping a careful eye on everything to make sure it all goes as planned.

The video's young male lead makes sure he looks his best before heading off in his car to join his family. It's a very big day for him, and he's a little nervous.

Because today's the day he'll introduce his family to the love of his life, and he wants it to go well.

When the couple exits the car, the young man's family doesn't know how to react.

Because the young man has brought his boyfriend to the party.

Grandma inspects the pair sternly, with clear hesitation.

But then she softens. This is her grandchild, after all, and she'll love him no matter what.

There's only one thing left to do: dance in celebration of their growing family.

All love is beautiful, and all love is equal.

Watch the heartwarming video in full here:

The United Nations made the video as part of a global campaign to end prejudice against LGBT people.

The clip with a call to action: "To stand for human rights with the United Nations, share this message."


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