'Fuller House' Adds Bob Saget To The Cast. Now The Tanner Family Is Nearly Complete.

Danny Tanner is returning to television.

Since Netflix first announced it would be rebooting the beloved ABC sitcom "Full House," fans, especially millennials with a serious case of '90s nostalgia, have been gobbling up any casting news they can get their hands on. John Stamos himself made the latest announcement on May 28 via Twitter: Bob Saget will join the "Fuller House" cast, reprising his role as Danny Tanner, father of D.J., Stephanie and Michelle. With Saget's addition to the cast, it's officially confirmed that all three of our favorite TV dads — Joey, Danny and Jesse — will be reunited on screen for the 13-episode series, which debuts in 2016.

This announcement comes on the heels of Lori Loughlin's own recent casting news: Aunt Becky will be returning for the reboot as well. With the addition of Saget, "Fuller House" will now include nearly the entire Tanner family. The only ones still holding out are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson, who have declined to appear on the show as their iconic character Michelle.

Still, "Fuller House" sounds like a lot of fun: Adult sisters Stephanie and D.J. will move back in together to raise their kids, just like their father before them. Also along for the ride is D.J.'s old BFF Kimmy Gibbler.


See Stamos’ tweet here:

This was Saget's response:

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