Finally, An Ad For Sanitary Products That Shows Actual Bleeding Women

Blood, blood everywhere.

Calling advertisements for women's sanitary products inaccurate in their depiction of women on their periods is an understatement. They're all somewhat similar, usually showing a woman going about her daily routine while looking, for some unfathomable reason, rather pleased with herself. 

In reality, periods are messy, often uncomfortable (even cripplingly painful for some) and — surprise! —actually involve blood. Sometimes a lot of it. 

Meanwhile, commercials for sanitary pads and tampons haven't actually shown the one central thing that happens during periods, quite possibly due to the social stigma attached to women's menstrual cycles that portrays them as dirty and/or vulgar. Which is exactly why Bodyform's latest ad is making such huge waves. 

The U.K. company's latest commercial for their feminine care products, aptly titled "Blood," features a lot of bleeding women. In it, female athletes are shown pushing their bodies to the limit, ending up with bloody toes, elbows, foreheads, shins — all those parts that cut open and bleed when you play a sport. The video ends with the tagline: "No blood should hold us back."


The ad, created by agency AMV BBDO, is a brilliant challenge to the ones other companies put out that actively, sometimes awkwardly, avoid showing a single drop of blood — and people are eating it up.

A Plus has reached out to Bodyform for comment.


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