Bodybuilders Try Belly Dancing: 'Shakira’s Hips Don't Lie. And Neither Will Mine'

This is sure to make you smile.

When it comes to bodybuilding, Jon Schaefer, Steve Gentili, and Tee Popoola are complete pros. But when it comes to belly dancing, the three men definitely need some practice.

In a video for BuzzFeed, Schaefer, Gentili and Popoola try their hand at belly dancing, despite some hesitancy.

"I don't think there's gonna be anything remotely attractive about what we're about to attempt," Gentili says. 


Before getting started, Emma, the belly dancing instructor, explains that belly dancing is an art form that, "contrary to popular opinion, it's not actually performed to tease men. It's a dance for women, by women." 

Moreover, "Having a little bit of meat on your bones lends itself well to this type of dance," so Schaefer, Gentili, and Popoola's body types could actually serve as an advantage during their performance.

With that, the men learn multiple moves, including the "horizontal 8," "shimmy," "veil," and "camel," the latter of which looks like a belly roll. 

At the end of the lesson, the bodybuilders are by no means star belly dancers. However, Schaefer says that the experience was "refreshing" in that it taught him about another culture.

Plus, learning a new type of dance certainly brought the men out of their comfort zones, which allows for the ultimate learning experience.

You can check the video out in full below:


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