This Giant Bodybuilder Got Caught Doing Something A Little Embarrassing

He's got a set of pipes on top of those guns.

You know how there are things you do in private that might be a little embarrassing if someone else were to witness them?


44-year-old James Howard of Athens, Georgia, was enjoying a little "me" time in his home gym: working out, hanging out with his dog, and singing a heartfelt rendition of George Strait's "Troubadour." He was getting into it. He had a routine going on. 

And then he realized he was being filmed by his wife, Kim Howard. She knew Internet gold when she saw it and posted it to Facebook, where she thought it would stay. 

"I thought our friends would laugh," she told the Athens Banner-Herald. "We'd talk about it a day or two and it would be over." 

Well, the video has gone viral in the best way possible. Within days, James was inundated with Facebook friend requests and new-found fame, including invitations and requests for him to perform onstage. Country singer Tracy Byrd even sent him a guitar and, according to Atlanta's WSB-TV, has asked him to sing one of his songs.

The video has also helped break down some cultural barriers. 

"A young black guy contacted me and said, 'James, I've never listened to country music before, but with you singing it I finally understood the meaning behind the words. I'm going to try and open my mind and listen to more of the music,'" James told the Banner-Herald,  "I thought that was great because you need to explore new opportunities."

We hope this opens up plenty of new opportunities for Mr. Howard. Please check out his Facebook page here.

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