These Bodies Were Not Digitally Altered

Our skin is basically Play-Doh.

Body alteration using Photoshop is a popular trend in today's society. People are retouching their photos to make the subjects appear skinnier, curvier, tanner, the looks we're supposed to yearn for. But Dutch photographer Juuke Schoorl decided to take a step away from this overly-exploited technique. 

Her project, "Rek" (stretch in Dutch) explores the possibilities of human body  transformation using the inherently malleable properties of human skin along with various low budget items.


Juuke used cheap household supplies like nylon thread and adhesive tape to warp the models' skin.

"I focused on exploring the aesthetic possibilities of human skin. I was inspired by the materiality of [it] and how it reacts to external stimuli," Schoorl says about her project.

Juuke says that playing with textures and shapes of the skin made her realize it's much more flexible and malleable than we think.

According to the artist, skin is a stretchable material and we should be searching for new ways to explore its beauty.

To see more of Juuke's work, please visit her website.  

(H/T: designboom)


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