This Woman's Message Goes Out To The People Who Don't Yet Feel Self-Love When They Look In The Mirror

"You want to know what makes me so confident and why you can't be the same? Well, I'll tell you the secret ..."

The body positivity movement has really taken off in the past few years. We see its effects on our runways, clothing racks, and advertisements. And we also see it all over social media. Influencers and regular folks alike are using their platforms to declare that they love the skin they're in regardless of their shape, size, skin color, and features traditionally thought of as "imperfections" such as acne and cellulite. We're fighting through society's close-minded view of beauty — and that's a huge win. 

But some people aren't quite there yet. Some people still look in the mirror and don't feel the self-love they see others preaching about. They don't feel comfortable and confident like so many social media posts and advertisements tell them they should be. And that's perfectly OK. 

Body positive Instagrammer Michelle Elman recently posted an important message for all of those people on her a photo that shows her "before body positivity" and "after body positivity." Both images show Elman smiling. 


In the post, she told her followers that "there is no secret" to body positivity and feeling as confident as she does now. 

"Yes, there are things to learn, and mindsets to shift but there is no 'secret.' There is no quick fix," she wrote. "It's a bunch of baby steps." 

Elman wrote that she feels fortunate to have been through them when she was 15, but you're never too old. But for those who hope to feel as confident in their skin as Elman does, she hopes they'll understand that they won't get there overnight and they can't rush the process. "It won't be a linear uphill journey," she wrote. "There will be some days where you question if you made any progress whatsoever." 

But in the end, she promises it'll be worth it. 

"Body positivity is an action. You do it ever[y] single day. You do it when you stop yourself right before you are about to mention a diet. You do it when you intervene on body shaming. You do it when you look in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love you, even when you don't want to. You do it when you stop a fat girl in the street to tell her how amazing she looks," she wrote. "What you put into body positivity, you get out of it. This is not an online movement. This is a real life, let's fucking accept everyone's bodies and while we are at it, love ourselves movement." 

She encourages anyone to "come join the fun." Although there will be moments where you'll still feel bad enough to "ball [sic] your eyes out," Elman says, "it's part of the journey!"

"Body positivity will transform your life but it won't eradicate all negative emotions," she wrote. "Ups and downs are life. It's time we get used to the fact that both life and our bodies are NOT stagnant things and never will be!"

A few years ago, Elman started a social media movement called Scarred Not Scared, which encourages people to embrace their scars instead of hiding them. Since then, she's been able to grow a following of people who are inspired by her body positive posts and videos. Hopefully, many people will take her message about the journey to self-love to heart and realize that if they're not quite there yet, they will be some day with a little work. 

(H/T: Teen Vogue)


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