9 Powerful Fashion And Beauty Campaigns That Are Making A Difference

These campaigns are spreading the love.

Fashion and beauty campaigns often get a bad rap for promoting a singular, unrealistic ideal. That may be true in some cases, but more and more we are seeing brands come out with powerful campaigns that are inclusive, empowering, and body positive. Spreading such positive messages is a trend we can all get behind. 

Scroll down to see some of our favorite fashion and beauty campaigns this year: 


1. SheaMoisture's "What Is Normal?"

The empowering campaign's video features a diverse group of women questioning what exactly normal is. The conclusion? Everyone has their own version of "normal." The campaign follows up SheaMoisture's #BreaktheWalls campaign which called on retail stores to stop separating products for women of color.

2. Aerie's "Show Your Spark"

Aerie has been a big part of the body positive movement. The lingerie brand's recent "Show Your Spark" campaign featured a group of models, bloggers, social fans, and people who have never modeled before, coming together to celebrate their individuality and show us that every type of body is beautiful. 

3. Bobbi Brown's "Be Who You Are"

Bobbi Bobbi's "Be Who You Are" campaign is encouraging you to be no one but yourself. The accompanying video features women discussing what beauty and individuality mean to them.

4. Amazon's "Say Something Nice"

Amazon's "Say Something Nice" campaign touched on fashion and bullying. The campaign prompted us to stop being so judgmental about other people's appearances. It encouraged us to simply say something nice.

5. ModCloth's "High Dive"

ModCloth has been one of the pioneers helping to make the fashion industry more inclusive. The retailer's 2016 swimsuit campaign saw employees and community remembers model the new collection in unretouched photos. The brand followed it up with its Hot Tub Round Table series which has inspirational people discuss issues affecting women.

6. H&M's "She's A Lady"

If you're wondering just what it means to be a lady in 2016, H&M's recently launched campaign sets the record straight. The campaign turns Tom Jones's "She's A Lady" into a female anthem which celebrates all of the amazing qualities ladies have including being opinionated, off-beat, strong, and entertaining.

7. American Eagle's "We All Can"

Aerie's sister brand American Eagle recently launched a powerful campaign of its own. The "We All Can" campaign features a group of celebrities who are known for championing freedom of expression. American Eagle's message is that we can do anything.

8. Clairol's "Color As Natural As You"

Celebrating what makes you unique is the message behind Clairol's "Color as Natural as You Are" campaign. The positive ad features Tracy "Africa" Norman, the first black transgender model.

9. Dove's "My Beauty My Say"

When we think of positive beauty brands, Dove is at the top of the list. The brand's "My Beauty My Say" campaign focused on women's achievements instead of their looks.The video features a diverse group of women including a kickboxer, model, and blogger.


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