Best Friends Were Body Shamed After Posting A Photo, But Now Their Response Is Inspiring Thousands

"The fact that a simple picture of two people together went so viral purely because of their body types shocked me."

When 21-year-old Georgia Gibbs posted a photo of herself and her best friend — 22-year-old Kate Wasley — laughing together with the sun setting in the background with the caption "Love you unconditionally," she didn't expect to receive the response she got. 

Both women are models in Australia, but Gibbs is a size 2 and Wasley is a size 12 in U.S. sizes. People accused Gibbs of posting the photo to make herself look thinner by standing next to her friend who has a fuller figure. Among other things, they called her a bad friend for posting the photo because it brought down her friend. 

"We posted this picture online, just as best friends going out on the weekend, it got reposted a lot and the controversy started.. 'You have photoshopped yourself thinner or your friend bigger, what kind of friend are you?' was one of the comments," Gibbs wrote in an Instagram post. "It broke my heart because Kate and I are best friends why would I do that? The fact that a simple picture of two people together went so viral purely because of their body types shocked me." 


Gibbs has since deleted the negative comments, but the experience inspired her and Wasley to respond to the controversy in an uplifting way. Instead of letting the trolls and body shamers get to them, the pair started a social media campaign to promote body positivity, inclusivity, and self-love. Their joint Instagram account titled Any Body aims to show people that "there's no size standard for the modern woman." 

The account is filled with images of the two of them together, as well as motivational quotes such as "You were born to be real, not perfect," "Improvement begins with I," and "We rise by lifting others." 

They ask people to post photos of themselves or images with their best friends and tag it using #LoveAnyBody. In just two weeks since it was created, they've gained more than 100,000 followers on the Any Body Instagram account, and hundreds of people have used the tag to share photos of themselves and their friends. 

"In reality bodies are just bodies," the Australian BFFs wrote in a post on Any Body. "What's powerful is seeing two very different but individually perfect bodies next to each other & embracing that, well that's totally 100% normal and okay... We're best friends we walk next to each other every day and love each other for who we are and for so much more than our appearances, size 6 or 16 WHO CARES, health & happiness over size!" 

Gibbs and Wasley's response shows the importance of responding to negative experiences with a positive outlook. Instead of feeling hurt or striking back with negative comments, they decided to create something new together that can uplift and encourage others. 

You can see more of their body-positive Instagram posts below:

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