These Artworks Look Like Real Animals, But Wait Until You See What They Really Are

This is so trippy.

It's hard to not be fooled looking at this picture.


It might look like it, but this is not a frog. Nor is this actually a fish.

Do you see it yet?

Yeah, that's actually a person who is painted and really amazing at holding a steady position.

All of the "animals" you are about to see in the video below are actually people covered in body paint, who are strategically all in position to look like a number of animals, such as a wolf, a chameleon, a frog, and more.

If you were fooled, you weren't the only one: the video currently has 50 million views on Facebook and 1.3 million shares, suggesting lots of people were convinced they were looking at realistic animals.

You can catch the full video below and be sure to share with your friends to see how ling it takes them to see the illusion.


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