Bob Dylan Bade David Letterman Goodbye With A Long Overdue Return To TV — VIDEO

He performed a Sinatra cover.

David Letterman has become a fixture on American TV for the past couple of decades. On Tuesday, wrapping up the penultimate episode of the show, singer Bob Dylan sent Letterman off with a Frank Sinatra song, a fitting farewell from one pop culture icon to another.

Dylan's mesmerizing rendition of Sinatra's "The Night We Called It a Day" made him the last ever musical performance on "The Late Show with David Letterman," a rare TV appearance for the artist. Upon introducing him on Tuesday, Letterman said:

I spend a lot of time, like everybody does, driving around with my son Harry. Sometimes you feel like you take an opportunity to teach him or reinforce things for him. I say, 'Harry, what are the two most important things to know in the world? There's really only two things you need to know.' He says, 'One, you have to be nice to other people.' I said, 'That's right. And what's the other one?' He says, 'The greatest songwriter of modern times is Bob Dylan.' That's all you need to know in life.

It wasn't the crooner's first time on the show. He appeared on Letterman's first season in 1984 as one of the biggest stars to grace the then-budding show, and has been back three times since, including Tuesday's performance. 

Bill Murray, the show's first-ever guest, also made a hilarious appearance in the episode. Letterman's final show will be on Wednesday night. 

Watch Dylan's haunting delivery of the classic:


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