To De-Stress, This Daughter And Her Parents Had A Robe-Clad Dance Party

Sometimes this is all you need.

Sometimes, when we're feeling a little bit stressed, the best thing to do is dance. So one person managed to throw her family a little dance party just when she knew they needed it most. 

In a video shared on Twitter Jan. 7,  user "bluedizz" explained that she "tried to relieve some stress from her parents."  Her video shows the three of them dressed in robes and dancing to "Love Come Down" by Kid The Wiz. Let's just say it looks like a pretty good time.

The video starts off with just the daughter and her mother, and about 35 seconds in, her dad comes out from behind a door and shows off his moves, too. And, of course, they're smiling throughout it all. 

So far, the video has been viewed over 4 million times, with people responding with comments about how happy it made them.


Healthier Michigan reports that dance is a great stress reliever; it can help get you out of a funk, lift your mood, and even help you think outside of the box. We love seeing this family use it as as a form of bonding, too, and we hope it made you smile. 

(H/T: Mashable)


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