What Happens When The Internet Is Performed On Stage?

They didn't see roles for funny women on stage, so they took matters into their own hands.

Actresses Allison Goldberg and Jen Jamula had been in theater for a while when they began to see a disturbing pattern: the few roles that were available to women were all the same. 

"The theatrical canon has far fewer roles for women and, for the most part, they are broken down into the following 'types': the mother, the ingenue, and the quirky sidekick. That's about it," Alli said. "Meanwhile, the comedy world is dominated by men. Go see almost any comedy show in NYC, and you're lucky if you find one 'token female' in the group."

Sick of being moms and sidekicks, Alli and Jen decided it was time for a project of their own.


They found a source of inspiration that could provide them with the unique roles for women they'd been looking for: the Internet.

The idea of having a sketch comedy show culled completely from content found online was born out of a hilarious blog post Alli found one night while surfing the web. Alli said, "Wait — this is a monologue!" and Jen replied "It's a blogologue!"

And thus, Blogologues were born.

The 'Blogologues' have been around since 2011, with shows running multiple times a year. The sketches range anywhere from Tweets, Amazon reviews, Airbnb listings, to Reddit posts. Each show revolves around a theme, like Welcome to the Jungle themed show and even Spooky Election Special: Boo-rack Zombama vs. Sexy Nurse Romney.

The most popular show by far has been Blogologues' annual sex show, which has returned for a third year in a row for the month of March. Blogologues: The A.S.S. Strikes Back will feature a website that sells sex robots (yes, that's a thing), erotic fan fiction, and blog posts about some very unique fetishes.

When it comes to the annual sex show, there's nothing too strange and nothing is off limits. 

Alli explained, "We think the Internet can show people that the habit or interest they have that they think is so weird and embarrassing (or even humiliating) is probably not as unusual as they think. We think it can be very empowering in that way. Your deep dark secrets don't have to be deep dark secrets, because you are absolutely not alone."

So why keep coming back to sex? "Sex sells, as people like to say. And the internet is filled with sexual content. So much fan fiction. People went crazy! Like to hear about things in a comedic environment because it's okay to laugh about it," Jen said.

By taking content found on the internet and giving it a life of its own on stage, Alli and Jen are able to interpret it however they see fit. Fortunately for funny ladies everywhere, this means that they're able to give any (or even all) roles to women.

Including Alli and Jen themselves, the five person cast is always predominantly women. This not only offers more opportunities for women actors, but also empowers the audience (even if they don't realize it).

"Something we like to do is have more women present on stage and not make a big deal of it," Jen said. "We hope its powerful on a subconscious level to see mostly women on stage."

Not only are there more opportunities for women to participate in the show, but the possibilities of who they can play is endless.

"Collectively, the women of Blogologues have played Chuck Norris, Bjork, Jessie Spano, children, male Craigslist creepers, sexbots, southern housewives, professors, and so much more," Alli said. "The sky is the limit."

No more moms and sidekicks for the ladies of Blogologues.

Alli and Jen were named to Tickets for Blogologues: The A.S.S. Strikes Back (Annual Sex Show!) are on sale now.


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