Blind Kid Thanks Hero Student Who 'Saved His Life' From A Bully

"I feel like you saved my life.”

A 16-year-old blind high school student held back tears after hugging the student who saved him from a bully.

Austin Higley became the victim of an attack from a bully on September 23 at Huntington Beach High School in Orange County, California. The bully, who has previously victimized other students in the school, grabbed Higley, who is legally blind, and started to slug him.


That’s when Cody Pines came to Higley’s rescue.

"I didn't even noticed it was Austin until I got closer," Pines said on The Dr. Phil Show. "I wanted to go help Austin."

Pines, a 17-year-old student at the high school, ran up to the bully, knocked him down with a single punch, and then checked to see if Higley was fine.

The entire incident was recorded in a video that went viral.

"My reaction was to go punch him as soon as I could," Pines said on The Dr. Phil Show. "I was only trying to hit him once. I was only trying to get him off of him."

Despite saving Higley, the school suspended Pines for punching the bully. It took an online petition of nearly 35,000 signatures to get Pines' suspension revoked.

The bully later apologized, but he could face misdemeanor assault charges.

On a recent taping of The Dr. Phil Show, Higley finally had the opportunity to show his gratitude to Pines.

"Honestly, I feel like you saved my life," Higley told Pines on The Dr. Phil Show.

They shared an emotional hug.

Click here to watch the entire video:


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