Blind People Describe Their Loved Ones To A Sculptor To Turn Their Words Into Art

"It's beautiful to see what someone thinks of you."

"I kind of live in a Monet world where everything is sort of impressionistic," one blind man, Jeff, tells the artist in front of him.

In a new video for Cut (below), Jeff is one of three blind participants to describe their loved ones to a sculptor named Pam. Jeff describes the details of his wife Libby: her hair, her face, and her head, hoping they will help Pam create an accurate three dimensional picture of his loved one.  

"I hope that my inaccuracies are on the better side than the lesser side," Jeff tells Pam. "Cause when [Libby] looks at it, I don't want her to go 'is that how you see me?' "

Another participant describes her son to the sculptor; talking about his head, she says: "It's not quite as round as mine, but his hat size is a little bit bigger." 

After the sculptures are complete, the loved ones join their partners on camera to compare the art to reality. 


Watch the touching video below to see their reactions:


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