Blind Mother Gets To 'See' Her Future Son By Touching A 3D Printed Ultrasound Image

Wonderful use of tech.

Just like every mother-to-be, 30-year-old Tatiana Guerra is counting the days until her baby sees the world.


"I want to show him the ocean, for him to feel the little grains of sand between his toes," she says in a recent video from Huggies Brazil.

But unlike most expecting mothers, Guerra won't be able to see her son when he's born. When she was 17 years old, she lost her sight.

To give Guerra the ability to "see" her future baby boy Murilo, scientists developed something even more amazing than an ultrasound.

The diaper brand teamed up with the advertising agency Mood and 3D printing firm The Goodfellas to produce a three-dimensional ultrasound image of Guerra's unborn baby.

The little sculpture features intricate details of Murilo's face and hands. Using her fingertips, Guerra was able to "see" her baby weeks before he was even born.

"Meeting Murilo" is part of Huggies' campaign #CountingTheDays. It features more videos of visually impaired mothers getting to "see" their future babies thanks to technology.

Watch the entire heartwarming video below.

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