Can These Guys Blindly Guess Which Popular Chicken Nuggets They Are Eating?

That's a tasty nugget.

Chicken nuggets are a staple of any nutritious diet.


OK, maybe not, but they are freakin' delicious and best if consumed modestly.

While we could definitely go for a McNugget right about now, we would also be more than happy to take part in this experiment.

Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning decided that they were going to blindly taste six different popular nuggets from American fast-food joints to test their nugget IQ, or rather, taste bud IQ.

Of course, to make things completely fair, they couldn't actually touch or feel the nuggets before tasting them. Luckily, some assistants were on hand to feed them nuggets with their patented "chicken stick."

Need it. Anyway, first up was, of course, the classic McNugget. Any fool could get this one right.

That was too easy. Things get a bit more complicated when Wendy's gets thrown into the mix, mainly because of these hilarious chicken sticks.

Can they guess them all? Find out in the video below:


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