Watch Blake Lively And Jimmy Fallon Face Off In A Fierce Game Of Know It All

Lively knows a surprising amount about Harry Potter.

Blake Lively stopped by The Tonight Show to chat with host Jimmy Fallon about her new movie, The Shallows, and share what it was like to spend Father's Day away from Ryan Reynolds. Of course, no visit to Fallon's show is complete without a late-night game. The pair got competitive in a trivia game of Know It All. 

Lively chose "Harry Potter characters" as the first round's category. "I feel like Jimmy would probably know a lot about Harry Potter," Lively said. 

"I surprisingly know a little bit," Fallon said. 

"Have you read the books? Have you watched all the movies? How recently?" Lively fired back. 

The answer was clearly not recently enough because Lively completely schools him. While Fallon spends his turn naming main characters, Lively shows off her knowledge of the series. She names characters such as Buckbeak, Filch, and Cornelius Fudge. 

 "Come on, do better ones!" she yelled at Fallon. Of course, Fallon ultimately lost that round, but he redeemed himself when he chose Spanish words as the next category. 

See Lively giggle through that round and find out who wins it all in the video below: 



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