People Of Color Are Sharing Selfies With This Hashtag To Show All The Ways Black Is Beautiful

They're blacking out the Internet.

There's a blackout happening on social media, but no, the pages haven't stopped running. Instead, you'll see hundreds of selfies from the Black community who are taking part in a positive movement known as the #Blackout or #BlackoutDay. 

Marissa Rei, Nukirk and T'von started the trend, and subsequent day, back in February. T'von thought it'd be cool to create a Tumblr that just reblogged selfies and so that's what they did. They named the page The Blackout.

On March 6, it began trending across all social platforms. 

"We really wanted to increase visibility for black people and create a safe space in which they could share their stories and network and support each other," Rei told A Plus.


"We wanted to create a positivity movement because a lot of the dialogue surrounding what it means to be black, especially in the media, is negative."

Today marked another #BlackoutDay and people of color from all corners of the Internet have participated. 

Though selfies may just seem like, well, selfies, the founders hope that the hashtag (and selfies) will empower and bring together the Black community. They also hope the movement will remind those participating (and those who see the tweets and photos) that all "kinds of black" are beautiful.  

Rei also hopes their movement will help to dismantle stereotypes people who are not of color have on what it means to be Black.

"We want them to see that it is indeed possible to disrupt the norm and make a statement about who you are in a very big way through the power of social media," she said.

Check out some more below.

Happy #BlackoutDay!


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