The Truth About Black Widow Spiders Will Surprise You

Not what you expected.

Black widows are definitely scary.


Oh wait, hold on. Wrong black widow. THIS black widow.

However, as you are about to discover, they actually aren't that deadly or scary for that matter.

As a video from Slate points out, the bizarre mating ritual where the female kills the male, gives black widows a terrible image. It's all a PR game, people.

However, even though the spider contains a neurotoxin that is 15 times stronger than a rattle snake, the bite barely ever kills anyone. 

Yea, you heard that right. If you are ever bitten by the most venomous spider on the planet, you can quit your crying and praying.

Found mainly in tropical and temperate climates, the spider's venom contains poisons that make your neurons go haywire.

However, black widow's don't just sporadically attack people.

They only bite when they feel threatened or if their egg sacks are in danger. So don't mess with that.

Other than that, only a few thousand people report black widow bites per year and almost none die. In fact, doctors don't even use an anti-venom; they just make you "tough it out."

You may also hallucinate, so hey it could be a weirdly fun, if painful, experience. 

OK, maybe not fun at all, but just be happy you don't have to mate with her. 

Find out more in the video below...


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