If This Doesn't Prove That Racism Still Exists, We Don't Know What Will

Racism is real.

Imagine you're driving home after dropping off your kids at the movies, or you're headed home from a late night at work, and you see sirens flashing. You take a deep breath, not just because you're inconvenienced, but because you've done nothing wrong — and it's the third time this has happened in a month.

Imagine you send out 50 resumes, but don't get a single interview. You think you're just out of luck, until you find out your friend, who is equally qualified, got invited to multiple interviews. The only difference between the two of you? Your names.

These scenarios might sound surreal, but as seen in a recent video by Brave New Films, a company that creates media that makes an impact, they're the lived reality of many Americans. 

The video, titled "Racism Is Real," breaks down research that shows the everyday discrimination black people can face, discrimination that some people deny occurs. Some even suggest that race isn't an issue anymore. 

But here are a few reasons why they're wrong:


When identical resumes were sent to employers, one with a name that sounded "black" and the other with a name that sounded "white"...

Not to mention...

Marijuana use among people who are black and people who are white is equal...

Brave New Films created a pledge on its website that encourages people to stand up for racial justice.  

"Let's work together to open eyes to the brutal reality of racism and make some real change in this country," the company writes. 

President Obama addressed the importance of joining forces in a press conference regarding the increasing police and community tensions over the past few months. 

"If we really want to solve the problem, if our society really wanted to solve the problem, we could," he said. "It's just it would require everybody saying this is important, this is significant."

Working together is the only way.

Check out the full video below:


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