Man Proposes To Girlfriend At 'Black Panther' Opening As People Live Tweet The Whole Thing

For the love of Wakanda.

Black Panther's opening weekend was legendary, to say the least — the film smashed box office records, raking in $218 million. Thousands of fans across the world flocked to the theaters to see Marvel's latest production, but not without celebration. Movie-goers dressed up in African garb, some performed choreographic dance routines, and others used the historical movie moment to create their own unforgettable memories, like one Brooklyn man who dressed up as Black Panther and surprised his girlfriend with a proposal.


The romantic moment went down on opening night, Thursday February 15 at Brooklyn's Alamo Drafthouse theater. Though the newly-engaged couple still remain anonymous, fans in the theater recounted what happened in real-time via Twitter. According to moviegoers, the boyfriend knew his girlfriend would be at the theater with her friends. The man dressed up as the film's superhero and surprised his lady on bended knee and popped the question to which she said yes (of course). Side note, it looks as if the girlfriend was took the revolutionary route with her Black Panther attire. Two Black Panthers. Wakanda love story is this?! The best kind. 

Luckily, this sweet moment happened before the movie began, but sadly the new husband-to-be did not have a ticket and had to leave right after the proposal. 

Black Panther weekend was full of viral moments. There was the dance routine from these awesome folks.

A hilarious "Coming To America" inspired entrance from comedian Lala.

And the Internet was in stitches watching these two kids attempt to sneak into the theater.

We can probably expect more viral moments to come as people plan on seeing the film again (and again). The cultural phenomenon not only proves that representation does matter (and sell) but also inspires a lot of creativity. 

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A Plus has reached out to Brooklyn's Alamo Drafthouse for comment.


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