He Raised Money For Kids To See 'Black Panther,' So Ellen Did Something Special For Him

"It's important that they see themselves in entertainment."

The surprises kept coming when Ellen DeGeneres welcomed Frederick Joseph to her talk show. Joseph, whose GoFundMe raised over $42,000 to help kids at the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem see Marvel's Black Panther, apparently didn't expect the host to call him on stage in the first place.

The 28-year-old marketing consultant got to meet Chadwick Boseman, who stars as the title superhero, and shared how seeing the film Coco inspired him to start the fundraiser. "It's important that [children] see themselves in entertainment," he said, "whether they are a young girl, a child of color, a child from the LGBTQ community."


Joseph also took the opportunity to tell viewers about the #BlackPantherChallenge, which has inspired similar campaigns around the country, and been supported by public figures such as Snoop Dogg and Chelsea Clinton. "Now, we're looking at thousands of children seeing the Black Panther film across the nation."

DeGeneres went on to further surprise Joseph with a live video message from kids at the Harlem Boys & Girls Club, as well as the executive director, Dominique R. Jones. "Thank you for donating so much money to us, and I can't wait to see the movie," one boy shared. 

But the host wasn't done. She announced that the show would cover the cost of the screening, so the $42,000 Joseph raised would go to the Boys & Girls Club, to use "in any way you want." She also found out that Joseph himself is in debt, so Shutterfly offered a generous $20,000 check to help him.

"You can't dream about becoming something unless you've seen it. You can't have a wild dream unless you believe in it," Joseph told A Plus of his fundraiser earlier this month, adding, "It's important that all these kids go and see the film and see other films that are coming out and see themselves represented there."

And thanks to him, they will.

See all the amazing surprises for yourself in the video below:


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