A Black Model Opened The Louis Vuitton Show For The Very First Time

"This is such an incredible and unbelievable moment!"

During Paris Fashion Week this season, model Janaye Furman made history as the first Black model to ever open one of Louis Vuitton's shows. 

That's right, for the first time in the luxury brand's 163-year history, it gave a Black model the opportunity to present the first impression of the collection to the audience, and take on one of the most coveted positions in the show. Opening or closing a fashion show is huge, especially for a brand like Louis Vuitton, as it's seen as an endorsement of the model by an industry leader. Now that Furman has opened Louis Vuitton's spring 2018 show, she's sure to be a top pick on the runway next season. 


Furmann is a Southern California drama student whose career in modeling began just last year after being discovered during a class performance. Casting director Ashley Brokaw tapped her to walk in Louis Vuitton's fall 2017 show and she quickly became a regular in the brand's editorial and ad campaigns. 

She shared her excitement after the groundbreaking moment on Instagram

"What a blessing!! Wow! This is such an incredible and unbelievable moment! Not only for my first opening show to be Louis Vuitton, but to make history as the first African American girl to open LV?!!" Furmann wrote. "Thank you God and everyone for all of the amazing support! I'm so glad more women of color are rocking the runways. It's so important that we stand up for ourselves and make a difference in this world. I'm so happy I was able to tell this beautiful story. I mean look at that coat!" 

The prestigious opportunity is certainly exciting for Furman herself, but it's also great news for other models of color who hope to one day also get the chance to take on a coveted runway spot from a major's brand. 

The move shows the industry is making positive strides toward diversity, though there's still a lot of work to be done. Let's hope that Louis Vuitton will continue to help pave the way for so many models who deserve equal opportunities. Women and girls want to see more people who look like them succeed in the fashion industry, so let's hope this is just the beginning of that shift. 


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