These Black Men Share Their Most Hated Stereotypes. They Share Their Truths.

'I feel like we have targets on our backs.'

A recent BuzzFeed video gives insight to some of the frustrations Black men feel day to day. 

Some of their messages likely hit on cultural appropriations and systematic injustices like one guy saying, "Everyone wants to be Black, on the other hand, when it's time to be Black, no one wants to be Black."


Other messages hit on negative stereotypes that Black men face, such as, "lazy," "thugs" or "problems," to name a few.

When in fact ...

The group of Black men denounced the negative images or ideas they are often associated with and shared some of the true characteristics that celebrate Black men, such as intelligent, multifaceted, individuals and compassionate.

Check it out:

H/T: BuzzFeed 


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