Black Lives Matter Group Disguised Themselves As Waiters To Make An Important Statement

A minor inconvenience could leave a lasting message.

Perhaps it's when people are a bit uncomfortable or even mildly inconvenienced that messages resonate the most. 

A branch of the Black Lives Matter movement, Never 21, certainly made a statement this month when they entered an elite Manhattan establishment, the 21 Club, to remind people that Black lives matter and the fight for justice is still needed. 


In the video below, activists of the Never 21 collective posed as restaurant staff and handed out menus to guests that listed names and ages of young Black people, all under 21, who lost their lives to police violence. 

Names like Nicholas Heyward Jr., 13, Tamir Rice, 12, Kimani Gray, 16 and Trayvon Martin, 17, are featured on the "menu" in place of food, drink or dessert selections. 

A statement on the collective's site reads:

"We care about the lives of Black men. We care about the lives of Black women. We care about the lives of Black CHILDREN."

One activist is seen hanging signs with single letters spelling out "BLACK LIVES MATTER" around the well-known lawn jockeys of 21 Club, a speakeasy known as " a place where celebrities and captains of industry have wined and dined for more than 80 years."

This certainly wasn't the collective's first public statement.

The collective previously visited Forever 21, located in Union Square in New York City, to display "BLACK LIVES MATTER" on a banner and on T-shirts they placed on mannequins in the store's windows. 

The collective insisted in both videos that neither was intended to be an attack on the specific establishment but rather an opportunity to gain more allies. 

Never 21's actions are a reminder that the lives lost should impact everyone and that in between the protests and the news stories of troubling incidents, the fight for justice is an everyday fight. 


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