This Video Will Make You Re-Evaluate Your Holiday Shopping Plans...Forever

Reassess your priorities.

Brian Spain makes some pretty cool and inspiring videos on YouTube. What he caught on Black Friday last year, however, may just inspire you to stay home and start your Christmas shopping online.

This video, shot in a Walmart on the day after last Thanksgiving, should serve as a gentle reminder of one thing:


It's not that serious.

Getting your kid this year's hottest new version of whatever is going to give way to next week's obsession is not worth fighting about.

Whatever specials the latest eyesore big-block store is pitching to you as things you absolutely HAVE to own aren't going to make you any happier. They're just going to empty your wallet.

Of all the things people gave thanks for on the Thursday before this video was shot, do you think a single one of them said, "I'm thankful for all the stuff I buy?"

Think about it.

Second video via The School of Life.

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