1,000-Pound Bison Who Hung Out In Her Human Friend's House Just Found A New Home

"She thinks she's a dog, she acts like a dog."


Friends come in all shapes and sizes, but for an Argyle, Texas woman named Karen Schoeve, her friend came covered in fur with two horns and a great big head. 

That's because Schoeve's pal is a full-grown, 1,000-pound bison named Bullet. She first met the beast when it wandered into her house five years ago. Schoeve tells The Dallas Morning News it was a terrifying experience because she didn't know if the bison was going to pose a threat. 

"The first time she [Bullet] came inside, I about had heart failure," Schoeve tells the news outlet in the video interview above. After snapping one picture, and panicking a bit, Schoeve soon realized the curious bison was not going to do any real damage to her or the house. 

Soon after, Bullet learned to feel right at home — perhaps too at home — roaming Schoeve's three-acre property, as well as her hallways, living room and bedroom. 

While Bullet's story is certainly unique, she's not the only wild animal to have taken a liking to a human's home and companionship. Years ago, a YouTube video showing the story of Jessica, a South African hippo who loved to hang out inside a nearby family's home, earned roughly 3 million views. Likewise Patches the horse made waves almost a decade ago when a story came out showing the horse riding in his human's car and sleeping in a bed. 

Like Jessica and Patches, Bullet had access to a large natural environment outside the home and could come and go as she pleased. 

"She lounges through [the house], she turns around and sniffs ... and then she likes to go back into my bedroom," says Schoeve. "She thinks she's a dog, she acts like a dog, she walks around the house. I was disciplining her in the house, [I] told her to get out, and she did, and she listens. She does mind, [but] she's a buffalo, you can't really push her around too much, but she's just a good girl."

Despite having developed a nice relationship with the bison, Schoeve knew she couldn't take care of Bullet and the other animals on her property forever. According to a Dallas Morning News article, Schoeve began slowly selling her animals so that she could focus on her career as a court reporter. 

Bullet would not be released into the wild but instead to a home akin to what she was used to: a place with good grass, lots of space, and other horses and people to be around. In fact, bison are "ecologically extinct as a wild species," according to an organization called Defenders of Wildlife. They are only found roaming free in national parks like Yellowstone, or Indian reservations like Fort Peck and Fort Belknap

That said, Schoeve kept her eye out for a good home for Bullet. After putting up an ad on Craigslist titled "TAME/HOUSEBROKEN BUFFALO COW — $5,950," Schoeve got lots of responses. In the video, she says even people running petting zoos and roadside attractions have reached out to her. But she wanted to be as selective as possible to ensure Bullet ended up in the right hands. 

"The best thing for me is to give everyone a good home," Schoeve says through tears. "Especially Bullet. She deserves the best." 

As good news would have it, just last week Schoeve found the perfect fit for her friend — a landowner in Flower Mound.

According to The Dallas Morning News update, "Bullet started by introducing herself to the two other cows she'll share a pasture with for now. They, like Bullet, were also rescued from Craigslist ads."

If you haven't had enough bison/buffalo action for one day, check out this video:

The Internet always delivers. 

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