Bishop Michael Curry Just Marched On The White House To Spread A Message Of Love And Tolerance

"Love your neighbor. That’s why we’re here.”

From the royal wedding to the White House, Bishop Michael Curry has one message to share with the world: love thy neighbor. On Thursday, prominent Christians leaders gathered at the National City Christian Church in Washington, D.C., for a prayer vigil and protest to "reclaim Jesus."


"In this moment of political, moral, and theological crisis in America, we are deeply concerned about the resurgence of white nationalism, racism, and xenophobia; misogyny; attacks on immigrants, refugees, and the poor," a statement on the movement's website read. "The regular purveying of falsehoods and consistent lying by the nation's highest leaders; and moves toward autocratic political leadership and authoritarian rule."

Organizers of the event told The Guardian that more than 2,000 people gathered to hear from top leaders and then marched to the White House for a vigil. Curry is the bishop of the Episcopal Church.  

His message echoed one of love: "Love the neighbor you like and love the neighbor you don't like. Love the neighbor you agree with and the neighbor you don't agree with. Love your Democrat neighbor, your Republican neighbor. Your black neighbor and your white neighbor, your Anglo neighbor, your Latino, your LGBTQ neighbor. Love your neighbor. That's why we're here."

Owen Humphreys/Pool via REUTERS.

This event was a part of a larger movement which is lead by Jim Wallis, the president and founder of Sojourners, a progressive Christian magazine. The movement is fighting against white nationalism. 

"We reject the resurgence of white nationalism and racism in our nation on many fronts, including the highest levels of political leadership," a declaration on the movement's website states.  "We, as followers of Jesus, must clearly reject the use of racial bigotry for political gain that we have seen. In the face of such bigotry, silence is complicity. In particular, we reject white supremacy and commit ourselves to help dismantle the systems and structures that perpetuate white preference and advantage. Further, any doctrines or political strategies that use racist resentments, fears, or language must be named as public sin—one that goes back to the foundation of our nation and lingers on. Racial bigotry must be antithetical for those belonging to the body of Christ, because it denies the truth of the gospel we profess."

Wallis stressed during the protest that the movement  was "not about President Donald Trump," but had a higher purpose. 

Watch the full live stream of the demonstration below. 

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Cover images via  Andrea Izzotti / Shutterstock and Owen Humphreys/Pool via REUTERS.


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