He Turns His Birthmarks Into Maps Of Imaginary Places

Pretty awesome.

Redditor Mneneon was born with so-called port-wine stains over his body. Red in color, they cover most of his right arm. 

Many people might look at them and see only a bunch of random splotches, but not Mneneon. To him and his vivid imagination, they are maps of unknown lands. Tracing them with a black pen, he outlines the borders of these exotic, untravelled places. 

It's not a just a birthmark, in other words, it's also a gorgeous island surrounded by wide oceans.


"I was born with a map of places that do not exist upon my arm and hand," Mneneon explains on Reddit.

To make his birthmarks look more like a map, Mneneon traces them with a black pen.

He so should get this permanently tattooed, right?

Or at least that's what most of Redditors think, judging by their comments. Redditor that goes under the nickname of thehegelian points out:

"It's really interesting how halfway up your arm it switches from white 'continents' and reddish 'oceans' to reddish 'continents' and white 'oceans'. If I were you, I would definitely get those lines/demarcations tatted."

Hell yeah. 

"I always found it a cool thing on its own, and I wanted no one to doubt that it was something I was born with and accepted, rather than decided upon later," explains Mneneon himself. "I was more considering a tattoo of the resulting map on my left hand and arm, so that they could kind of match, except one natural, one artificial."

That sounds pretty brilliant. Need we say more?


"I think it makes me look kinda cool," Mneneon writes on Reddit. "But having it my entire life tends to skew my perception of it."

"I feel like if this birthmark were mine I would have an insatiable need to go on quests and adventures every day. Truly awesome," another Redditor comments.

Way to own it, mate.

(H/T: My Modern Met)


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