This Urn Incubator Turns Death Into Life


We've written before about Bios Urn, an amazing biodegradable urn that uses the ashes of your deceased loved one to fertilize the seed of a tree. Unfortunately, using an urn to plant a tree isn't right for everyone. Many people don't have a yard where they can plant a tree, some move frequently and don't like the idea of leaving a loved one behind, and others might not know how to nurture a tree from seed to maturity. 

Enter Bios Incube, a Bios Urn incubator that provides the seed a place to grow, without having to plant it in the ground.

"I love the idea of having the tree at home," Bios Urn CEO Roger Moliné told A Plus in an email. "When people go to a cemetery it [feels more like] a must rather than a want. I feel that having a tree at home instead of a cemetery turns the process into some sort of meditation rather that a single visit or a tour to a cemetery."


Bios Incube (left) and Bios Urn Bios Urn

The Incube can be used indoors or outdoors, either housing the tree permanently (depending on the type, of course) or nurturing it until it can be transplanted. 

Once the Bios Urn has been planted in the Incube, a horseshoe-shaped sensor is placed on top of the soil. This provides detailed information about soil conditions, like moisture and temperature. It also tracks the humidity, temperature, and amount of sunlight the seed is getting. Based on the particular species of tree, the Bios Incube app will let you know if any of the conditions aren't right for your tree.

The urn even contains a 3-gallon tank that automatically adds the correct amount of water when it is needed.

Close up of sapling and soil sensor for Bios Incube. Bios Urn

Those who are interested in the Bios Incube can purchase one of the first units at a special price through the company's Kickstarter campaign, which was fully funded in a matter of days. For the next couple of years, that's the only way to get one. 

After the Kickstarter units are dispersed, they will track the long-term performance of the units and make any adjustments before retail sales begin.

On top of that, they are also working on the development of Bios Incube Centers. These locations will have a staff on site to care for the trees, if someone isn't able to care for it themselves.

"Those [centers] will be installed everywhere, in town and cities, and we become the new breathing system of our society," Moliné told A Plus. "Instead of wasting space for the storage of the death, we want to propose a production facility of life."

Want to learn more about the Incube? Check it out here:

Want to get your Bios Incube? Check out their Kickstarter!

All images: Bios Urn


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