He Is The First Man To Control Robotic Arms With His Brain


The future is here.

In an amazing, mind-boggling video published by the JHU Applied Physics Laboratory, a Colorado man by the name of Les Baugh "became the first bilateral shoulder-level amputee to wear and simultaneously control two of the Laboratory's Modular Prosthetic Limbs."

Baugh was injured over 40 years ago in an electrical accident and lost both of his arms. Over the last year, he's been working with the JHU team in Baltimore, Maryland, undergoing surgery and doing virtual tests to connect his mind to the robotic arms.

In the video above, you can watch Baugh become the first person to ever  control two robotic arms simply by using his brain. 

After using the bionic arms for the first time, Baugh was both moved and impressed.

"Maybe for once I'll be able to put change in the pop machine and get pop out of it," he said in the video above. 

(H/T: RT.com)

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