Will Ferrell Helps 'Billy On The Street' Surprise Unsuspecting New Yorkers With The Holiday Spirit They Never Knew They Wanted

"I'm right here!"


Billy Eichner, the host of the ever-entertaining YouTube series Billy On The Street, released a Christmas-themed video in which he and Will Ferrell surprise unsuspecting New Yorkers walking down the street.

Ferrell, of course, is perfect for the episode, seeing as his role as Buddy in Elf surely taught him how to spread some Christmas cheer.

In the video, the hilarious duo runs around asking people their opinions on various holiday movies. They even hand out a few gifts while rocking red and green Christmas onesies.

And while some people are completely frightened by Eichner's approach...

...others seem ready for anything.

And perhaps one of the funniest moments happens when this woman can't remember Ferrell's name:

"I'm right here!" Ferrell shouts.

(H/T: Uproxx)


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