Absolutely Nobody Seems To Know Who Chris Pratt Is In New York City. And It's Hilarious.

Maybe celebrity worship culture isn't as bad as we thought?

In an episode of Billy on the Street!, host Billy Eichner takes to the streets of New York City with actor Chris Pratt to test how familiar people are with the supposed household name. 

But in a hilarious walk down the street, it's immediately clear that nobody recognizes Pratt — Almost not a single person. 


"Oh, uh, you're an actor? Liam?"

Perhaps this is a good thing though, as we as a society have become increasingly obsessed with celebrities. Now, at least one actor can have the freedom to walk down the street relatively unnoticed. 

"Chris Evans?"

Though it's pretty hard to believe anyone wouldn't know the face of a guardian of the galaxy, it's hilarious to see these people's confusion and ultimate failure to recognize who Pratt is. 

Check out the video below:

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