Non-Partisan Group Of U.S. Billionaires Call For Wealth Tax On Themselves

And they reportedly have support from both sides of the aisle.

A group of non-partisan, wealthy Americans are asking the federal government to take more money out of their taxes to help fight inequality and climate change.

A total of 18 super-rich American billionaires wrote and signed an open letter published in Medium calling for a so-called wealth tax on themselves. Among the signatories were the philanthropist George Soros, Facebook co-founder Christopher Hughes and Abigail Disney, a descendant of Walt Disney. 


"America has a moral, ethical and economic responsibility to tax our wealth more," the letter said. "A wealth tax could help address the climate crisis, improve the economy, improve health outcomes, fairly create opportunity, and strengthen our democratic freedoms. Instituting a wealth tax is in the interest of our republic."

The group emphasized that it was not endorsing any presidential candidate or political party, but emphasized a moderate tax on America's wealthiest is supported by a majority of Republicans, Democrats and Independents. 

"This revenue could substantially fund the cost of smart investments in our future, like clean energy innovation to mitigate climate change, universal child care, student loan debt relief, infrastructure modernization, tax credits for low-income families, public health solutions, and other vital needs," the letter said. 

In the letter, the authors noted that billionaire Warren Buffet has stated publicly he is taxed at a lower rate than his secretary. Of 40 countries who are tracked by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the United States ranks 6th in terms of wealth concentration. 

"Those of us who have signed this letter believe it is our duty to step up and support a wealth tax that taxes us," it read. "It is a key to both addressing our climate crisis, and a more competitive, stronger economy that would better serve millions of Americans."

The list of signatories on the letter was as follows:

Louise J. Bowditch, Robert S. Bowditch, Abigail Disney, Sean Eldridge, Stephen R. English, Agnes Gund, Catherine Gund, Nick Hanauer, Arnold Hiatt, Chris Hughes, Molly Munger, Regan Pritzker, Justin Rosenstein, Stephen M. Silberstein, Ian T. Simmons, Liesel Pritzker Simmons, Alexander Soros, George Soros, and Anonymous


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