These Designers Have A Brilliant Idea: Use Billboards As Housing For Homeless

These look better than every apartment I've lived in.

What if we could turn roadside ads into living spaces?


Project Gregory is a group of Slovakian designers who have developed a novel idea that could provide housing for homeless or other people in need.

Citing the ubiquitousness of billboards, Project Gregory has designed triangular-shaped modular houses that would serve as roadside advertising spaces.

The project is designed with the city of Banska Bystrica, Slovakia in mind, though the creators note that the "billboard housing project is possible to apply anyplace, although its implementation must be proceeded by a complex study involving the search for an adequate place for its physical realisation."

The cost of the living spaces would be offset by advertising.

They would share power already lighting the external billboard space.

Advertisers would benefit through recognition of being socially responsible. Project Gregory writes that, "Partner reciprocity is focused toward firms and investors which would participate in realisation or long term rental of involved advert space. They would be provided with a project logo, which they could place on their own companies web sites or other propagation materials with direct links to the whole project. The added value lies in an option to present ones company towards its peers as a place of social conciousness."

The living spaces would be furnished with comfortable basics.

On the left you see an upraised bedding set-up next to a small office desk. On the right, a glimpse of the kitchen.

An studio-sized bathroom with shower, toilet, and basin is part of the design.

The entrance to the home via a staircase.

The idea is simple, beautiful, open-source, and actionable but it needs help.

Matej Nedorolík of Project Gregory tells A+ that the project is in critical need of investors to bring this project to life. "We need to collect money for realization from any sponsors or people that will be able to help us," he says, "otherwise this ambitious project will stay only on paper. "

For more information, including blueprints and contact information, on Project Gregory, please take a look at their website.

Please share this amazing project with your friends. Let's get the word out and help get this project off the ground.


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