Bill Nye Explains Why Racism Doesn't Exist In The Animal Kingdom, And It Makes So Much Sense

This is all you need to know about racism.

When Larry Wilmore asked Bill Nye whether or not racism exists in the animal kingdom, the response was pretty eye-opening. 


It turns out, "racism" isn't the right word:

We can actually see the concept of "tribalism" playing out in society every day. As Upworthy puts it: "it's the whole idea that there's an 'us' and a 'them.'" 

We have sports teams, religions, political parties and socioeconomic classes. We go through life knowing and interacting with people like "us," lodging contentious feelings toward "them." 

Humans have constructed yet another category permitting us to feel this contention toward others. We refer to it as "race." 

Nye elaborated:

...and the kicker:

Wilmore wrapped it up in terms he knew his audience would understand:

Watch the full explanation here:

(H/T: Upworthy


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