Bill Nye The Science Guy Has Sassy Comebacks For Haters Who Send Him Mean Tweets

Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

Bill Nye The Science Guy began gracing the airwaves in 1993, and the reruns have been a staple in science classrooms ever since. There is even currently a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of a documentary highlighting Bill Nye's career of getting kids interested in science and advocacy of scientific discovery.

Those of us who have been big fans of Nye for the last 20 years might be surprised to learn that not everyone holds him in the highest of esteem. It appears that there are individuals who are so broken inside they actually dislike him enough to send angry tweets in his direction.

He decided to take them head on, reading these mean tweets aloud and brushing them right off in the most hilarious way he can.


Some of them were fairly innocuous.

While The Fault In Our Stars is a pretty spectacular choice, the rest of the statement is pretty uncalled for.

Nye simply looked into the camera and responded: "I did not know that."

Some of the tweets, however, were downright aggressive and way off base.

"That would not be a good usage of tw*t," he quipped. On the contrary of this accusation, Nye has been an outspoken advocate for women in STEM fields.

And then there was the tweet that Nye responded to in a way that only he could.

First, Nye executes the first rule of addressing internet trolls: criticizing grammar. "First, it doesn't even say 'I'd' it just says 'I'."

But then, he got to to the heart of the matter and reminds us that science is all around: "Have you ever watched paint dry? Let me ask you something. Does it dry from the top first and the bottom later? Or does it dry from the bottom first and the bottom later? You could find out. You could observe it for yourself."

Check out the full video of Bill Nye responding to his mean tweets here:

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