Bill Nye Explains Climate Change Perfectly With Help From Emoji

Emoji: the universal language.

Bill Nye The Science Guy has made a career out of finding simple ways to explain science to the masses. He's hosted TV shows, written books, done public speaking events, and even talked with Barack Obama. Now he has teamed up with General Electric to speak to a new generation through the universal language of emoji. 

The Emoji Science series uses everyone's favorite modern hieroglyphs to help illustrate difficult topic (holograms for example). It has now turned its attention toward a very important topic: climate change. In a minute and a half, Nye breaks down some of the most obvious reasons we know climate change is real, and even proposes ways to curb its progression.

As Nye explains, part of the problem is that in addition to the effects of industrialization, the human population has exploded. There are over 7.2 billion people on the planet now all sucking in oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide. This population jump is huge and poses some real challenges.


Carbon dioxide, as a rule, isn't horrible. Because it's a greenhouse gas, it keeps our planet warm enough to sustain liquid water (which is pretty handy for a little thing we like to call "life") and it feeds the plants and algae that produce oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis.

The problem with carbon dioxide is that the concentration of it is growing exponentially, at a rate faster than the planet can adapt to. With so much additional CO2 in the atmosphere, our planet stays a little bit too warm. This extra heat is leading to extreme weather and is partially responsible for the planet's sixth mass extinction event.

Check out the video below for Nye's full explanation:

[Images via: Emoji Science]


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